Max Windsor Cocoa Brown Flooring – Product Description

Cocoa Brown 4-3/4If you’re looking to furnish your home with wood flooring that exudes a seamless mixture of classic and contemporary styling, then the Windsor Collection will be an ideal fit for your home.  The cocoa brown coating reflects a combination of natural beauty and unmistakable enchantment.  Bringing a warm, soothing look to your home, a cocoa brown coating can transform an ordinary room into an inviting atmosphere.


•    Protected with 10 coats of UV-cured aluminum oxide finish
•    Constructed with 7-ply of Birch plywood
•    Crafted to include a 2 mm wear surface

The Windsor Collection can deliver stability, durability, and peace of mind to your home.  If you’re looking for an exceptional coating, then inquire about our cocoa brown finish.


•    We can refinish your cocoa brown floor a minimum of 2x with our dust-free sanding process.
•    We can refinish your cocoa brown floor an unlimited amount of times with our no-sanding refinishing process.

How cocoa brown from max windsor look like?

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