Dustless Wood Floor Sanding special $3.00 per sqft clear coat minimum charge apply

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dustless wood floor sanding

Hardwood floor sanding not only got easier, but it got healthier too. With Oakland Wood Floors’

Dustless Wood Floor Refinish
system, there is no mess, no risk to your family’s health, no toxic fumes, and no clean up required. Hardwood Floors are ready 50% faster than traditional oil based systems if you choose to use a water base floor finish.


low Voc water based flooring coatings with our dustless wood floor sanding and refinish

The Bona dustless wood floor refinish System – Healthier, Cleaner, and Better

Prices for Dustless wood floor refinish start at ONLY
$2.99 sqft include:

  • Labor and materials for a clear coat
  • 3 clear coats smooth finish
  • Dustless wood floor sanding DCS
  • Free Consultation
  • Warranty
*Minimum charge apply on small areas  420sqft for refinish and 450sqft for buffing Change July 6-15

It is also the cleanest and most convenient hardwood floor finishing system available because it:

• Contains wood dust- Functions to virtually eliminate airborne dust during the sanding process

• Applies a low-

, high-performance waterborne wood floor finish

• Protects your wood floor with non-toxic,environmentally friendly flooring materials.

• Fast dry approximate 2 to 3 hours per Coat.

• Durable advanced technology waterborne finishes are one of the most durable.

dustless wood floor sandingThe Bona wood floor refinish system contains products and systems for each step of the hardwood floor finishing process and for hard surface care. We meet all government-regulated clean air quality standards. This reflects our commitment to consumer health and indoor air quality.

Why is a dustless wood floor refinish healthier?

Traditionally sanding hardwood floors would release airborne wood dust, a known carcinogen that can be harmful when inhaled. Without the dust containment system DCS from BONA, the wood dust particle count would be over 20 times the OSHA limit. However, with the Bona Dustless wood floor refinish system, which is VOC compliant and GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality, you get a cleaner and healthier environment.

Bona boasts advanced technology and Swedish waterborne finishes that have proven to be one of the most durable polyurethane finishes available in today’s market. Clear, high-build finishes are resistant to color change, which helps to highlight the true beauty and elegance of a wood floor. In addition, with fast drying times and ease of cleaning, you can enjoy your wood floors faster without worrying about strong smells and wood dust everywhere.

Oakland Wood Floors specializes in dustless wood floor refinish services, delivering the highest quality craftsmanship with elite flooring products.
We are a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, with

license bond and insurance
, and have a clear record in the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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